We offer a wide range of support services such as one to one (listening support), mentoring, Referral youth groups, Sunflower Project, Complex Health Needs and a education team.

One to One

(Listening Support)
The Youth commission Offer free, confidential one to one support around emotional health and wellbeing in a safe space for young people to be heard either at the YC, in school or in the community. We can also signpost and provide information, advice and guidance on issues affecting young people.
Please deliver your consent/referral form to any of our offices on the contact page, or email it to
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For some young people, they prefer to talk while they’re doing something they enjoy. Our mentors are trained volunteers who support young people in the community. Sessions might involve going for a walk, taking part in an activity, or enjoying a hot chocolate together.

Mentors offer a safe space and a positive role model for young people.

Mentors support young people aged 11 – 18 years about anything and everything that's happening in their lives.

Emotional Support Resource

If you feel your child would benefit from an emotional support resource workpack see below to download.

Referral Youth Groups

For some young people, being part of a group can have many benefits. We deliver a variety of group opportunities for young people that aim to develop confidence, teach skills to manage their emotions in a healthy and appropriate way and have fun. Please have a look at our what's on page to see what is on offer. This includes Apollo, Indigo and many more - Please have a look at our what's on page to see what else is available.
“I found having someone to talk to helps me not to build up all my worries inside. This makes it easier to manage my feelings”- Jack, 16

Sunflower Project

The Sunflower Project is a support service for children and young people when they are experiencing a bereavement or someone in the family has a serious illness. The Sunflower Project supports any child of school age.


Information, advice, and resources for parents and carers. Including how to tell your child, how to involve the school etc

Support for children and families together

One-to-one support at our centres or at school for children and young people

Bi-weekly group sessions for children and young people to meet others experiencing similar issues and to find spaces to have fun and relax

Annual Residential Weekends

One-off events such as Remembering at Christmas

Complex Health Needs

Formally known as The Educational Mental Health Team, The Wellbeing Team includes three Educational
Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs) and the Senior Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager. These are all roles created
to increase access to specialist mental health support, for children and young people.

The services we offer are developed using evidence-based low intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. We offer early intervention for children and young people with mild to moderate anxiety, low mood or behaviour concerns.

If you are interested in guided self help, as a secondary age student, in the four main secondary's, please speak to your school Mental Health lead.

If you are a primary aged parent interested in guided self help of mental health advice please contact, addressing the email to Wellbeing team. We will then be in touch to advise about our support.​

Guided self help (individually or in groups)
School support

Mental health advice to parents, young people and at one off events

Wellbeing Team

We offer support and positive activities for young people with complex health needs such as Diabetes, Cancer, Crohns and many more.

This service is available for anyone under the care of the Children’s Community Nurses.

One to one sessions
Support with appointments
Different group activities to have fun and meet new friends with similar experiences
Residential weekends
one-off Events


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